Mayer Hawthorne – Make Her Mine

Make Her Mine by Mayer Hawthorne  
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Mayer Hawthorne & the County (aka Haircut) was brought to my attention by his first single "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out" which was released by the legendary Stones Throw label. And yes, the only reason I had noticed was because it was shaped much like that old Bobby Caldwell record: a red heart. I can't really explain how I felt after hearing it for the first time, but for me, it was a pivotal moment in recent memory. No, Mayer doesn't 'push' any innovative boundaries, nor does he try to be too 'out there', but what he really does is make pure unadulterated soul music. 

He follows much in the footsteps of old Motown style 3-minute formatted songs, but he does it in his own individual way, and he makes his music sound as if he's been doing it since the beginning. It's a very special feeling.

I received an advance copy of the upcoming LP through the record pool I'm in, and I must say that this is a first-rate candidate for album of 2009.

That said, the Mayer Hawthorne LP entitled A Strange Arrangement just hit iTunes a week before the album's official release this past Tuesday. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you buy it. Buy it before you listen–It's only $7.99. I did.

Here's a track from the LP called "Make Her Mine". It's not my favorite track (Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, Shiny & New), but the whole record is good, so what the fuck? Just buy it.

Bonus: Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Video)

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